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Paxton Bookkeeping and Tax Services is always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have regarding accounting services and personal or corporate taxes.  
For your convenience, we have compiled answers to some of the questions we hear the most often, as well as a few accounting tips that we hope will be of use.  
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Why should I outsource my bookkeeping when I can hire someone directly?

The true ROI (Return On Investment) of outsourced bookkeeping services versus hiring in-house personnel take into account the following factors that are ADDED COSTS to an hourly rate of an employee:

Paid Time Off
Dental Insurance
Health Insurance
Federal Unemployment Tax
State Unemployment
Workers Comp
Cost of overhead such as computers, office furniture and phone
16.99% additional fringe benefit cost per salary

These above hidden cost factors are all included in our customized packages. Outsourced virtual bookkeeping services are a cost-effective way to fiscally manage your business without the added 17% cost of benefits and an additional employee. Bookkeepers are focused, efficient and experienced problem solvers that help keep business owners stay on the road to sound fiscal management. Services can be expanded to meet a business owner’s growing needs.

I am a business owner, why do I need to understand accounting?

Accounting is as important to your business as your clients or the management of your employees. While it is not necessary for you to take an accounting course and be able to handle every single part of the accounting process, understanding the basics is an essential part of your ability to effectively run and oversee your business.

When your accounting person comes to you with concerns or reports, you need to be able to understand where they come from and how they affect your business in order to take appropriate action. The experts at Paxton Bookkeeping and Tax Services can help you learn the basics of accounting so that you can better manage your business.

Can you help computerize years worth of paper records?

Yes, indeed! We will be happy to computerize your paper records using QuickBooks or Xero software, as well as continue handling your future bookkeeping records if you so desire.

How much do your services cost?

The cost of our services varies based on the frequency and complexity of your needs. We work with our clients to customize the best service program to meet their needs. From simplistic to robust, our monthly packages start at $500. Contact us at 724-359-5022 TODAY to schedule your initial consultation.

A few more accounting tips....

Keeping a budget is easy, but it requires dedication and attention to detail. Set yourself reminders and make sure you keep all your receipts for an accurate and effective budget.

If you are utilizing a bookkeeper, make sure they are a certified professional bookkeeper. If not, consider hiring someone who is, such as Paxton Bookkeeping and Tax Services.

A little goes a long way. You do not need to invest your life savings to see a profit. With the right advice and expertise, you can safely invest a modest amount of money and see positive results down the line.

Know what you want. Aggressive or risky investment isn’t for everyone, and while the payoff may be appealing, the risk of losing your money is greater than with other types of investments.

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