The Right Stuff

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As summer approaches, you are either the type of business that thrives or pulls back for the slowdown of summer. Summer is a very hit or miss time for businesses depending on what industry you are in, and where you are located. As a business owner, having the right amount of inventory can help to make or break your company. … Read More

Quarterly Tax Planning

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The American taxes are a pay as you go system. This means that taxes are to be paid throughout the year. Many employees do not realize this, because as an employee, your employer is withholding taxes from your pay check to continuously pay your taxes for you throughout the year. However, if you are like many business owners and you … Read More

Retirement Account Mistakes

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Like many Americans, you most likely have been squirreling money away for years to prepare for the day that you will be able to retire.  We always tell people that you are never too young to start to save for retirement. As you get ready to retire make sure that you don’t make a mistake that can cost you penalties.  … Read More

Need More Time?

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Are you one of those who are quickly approaching the deadline to file your taxes on April 18th?  Don’t panic because you are not the only one.  If you are avoiding filing your taxes based on not being able to pay the full amount you owe, you may want to rethink your strategy. For many people, being your own boss … Read More

An Unknown Number

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The phone rings. You see a number that you don’t recognize, but pick up the call anyway. An agent claiming to be from the IRS says that you owe back taxes and threatens to arrest you or file a law suit against you if you don’t make an immediate payment over the phone. Thousands of Americans faced this exact situation … Read More

Know Your Business’s Vitals

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When you go to your doctor there is a baseline where your medical team will start to determine if you are healthy or if you are in need of medical attention.  Vitals such as blood pressure, temperature, weight, cholesterol etc. are monitored regularly. As a small business owner it is important to know and check the vitals of your business … Read More

Prepare to Grow

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As the New Year has gotten underway and you finish your tax preparation, it is time to look ahead to the remainder of 2017 and beyond. While all of your company’s financial information is fresh in your head, it is a good time to look back at how far you have come and plan for the next few years. Does … Read More

Make The Most Out Of Your Business Trip

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As an entrepreneur you have probably found that traveling is an inevitable part of growing and running your business.  How you spend your time traveling can have an impact on your productivity.  Whether you are running down the street to a meeting or traveling across the country to work with a client, smart and efficient traveling can help to better … Read More

Freelancing and Taxes

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Are you one of the 55 million people in the United States that freelance for a living or freelance as a side job? According to the Monthly Labor Review, the freelance surge is the Industrial Revolution of our time. Some common freelance jobs include technical jobs, professional services, graphic design and professional writing. If you are one of those people … Read More