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Financial planning is an important part of financial health. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, figuring out the best way to invest your money or the most effective way of spending it will allow you to plan ahead, pay bills on time and prosper.
Bookkeeping is a crucial process for any company, big or small. Recording income, sales, purchases and payments as well as keeping records of all transactions in a safe and secure environment is a must.
Intuit’s QuickBooks is an accounting software that is extremely popular among small, medium and large sized business owners who have little or no accounting experience or accountants on the payroll.


Intuit Certified
Paxton Bookkeeping and Tax Services is the number one choice for bookkeeping services for residents and business owners in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Beaver and Butler County areas. Our team of experienced, certified and professional bookkeepers provides services such as: income tax preparation for personal and corporate taxes, QuickBooks setup, commercial/ personal loan application preparation, bookkeeping services, and more. We have years of experience handling both small and larger accounts and the Paxton Cents-able Solutions Packages can be tailored to meet your needs.
All bookkeeping services are performed virtually through a secured, Quickbooks approved, hosted cloud services. Although all bookkeeping is done virtually, we do offer pick-up and delivery services to our clients in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Beaver and Butler counties. Each of our clients is treated with the attentive care that they deserve ensuring a solid understanding of their P & L. We believe that an informed client is a client who can be confident in making sound business decisions.
No one can predict the future. At Paxton Bookkeeping, we help business owners plan for the future with solid fiscal management and accounting services. Contact Paxton Bookkeeping at 724-359-5022 or e-mail TODAY to schedule an initial no-obligation consultation to learn more about our Paxton Cents-able Solutions Business Evaluation and monthly bookkeeping services.
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How much do your services cost?
The cost of our services varies based on the complexity of your needs.. Based on the Paxton Cents-able Solution Business Evaluation, we work with our clients to choose the best service program to meet their needs. Contact us at 724-359-5022 TODAY to schedule you’re an initial no-obligation consultation.
I have several years worth of paper records that I’d like to computerize.
Yes, indeed! We will be happy to computerize your paper records using our QuickBooks software, as well as continue handling your future bookkeeping records if you so desire.
Why do I need to understand accounting?
Accounting is as important to your business as your clients or the management of your employees. While it is not necessary for you to take an accounting course and be able to handle every single part of the accounting process, understanding the basics is an essential part of your ability to effectively run and oversee your business.
Why should I outsource my bookkeeping when I can hire someone directly?
Outsourced virtual bookkeeping services are a cost-effective way to fiscally manage your business without the added 17% cost of benefits and an additional employee. Bookkeepers are focused, experienced problem solvers that help keep business owners stay on the road to sound fiscal management.
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